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My name is Eleanor .I started this blog, because  I wanted to tell other people about my summer adventures.Another reason I started this blog is that I was sad about school ending and one of my teachers said  I should start a blog.  I am on a swim team and I just had my 2nd practice.  In my opinion summer swim team is easier than winter swim team, but they’re both fun.  Also, I got a brand new hola hoop!  I love to hola hoop, it is so much fun! There are a lot of things I love to do, and one thing I love more then any thing else is reading . The book I am reading now is called The Mark of Athena.  I think anyone in 4th to 6th grade would love it, but you should read the first and second books first.  These books are in a series called the Heroes of Olympus.  It’s a great series.  Anyway, I hope you liked my first blog entry and will like my future ones.I will try to put a new one every week. Bye!


My best friends blog

My friend Addi started a blog, and the things she writes about are really interesting. I loved her first post;it is about a park she went to . The pictures of the park look really cool. Addi’s blog is awesome and I hope you’ll check it out, just go to addisplacesandthings.wordpress.com

Summer vacation

Over my Summer vacation my family and I drove through 7 states,Wyoming ,South Dakota ,Minnesota ,Wisconsin , Michigan , Iowa, and Nebraska.When we were in South Dakota , I got to see Mount Rushmore.Mount Rushmore is a mountain carved to look like the faces of George Washington ,Thomas Jefferson ,Theodore Roosevelt,and Abraham Lincoln.I  loved seeing Mount Rushmore.In Wisconsin ,I got to go to my grandparents island. They’re island is right next to the Michigan border ,so my family and I were riding the boat into Michigan almost every day.I had a lot of fun on my grand parents island.I also went to Mackinac island [mac-en-aw] .Mackinac island is  this really cool island that cars aren’t allowed on so,you either get around on foot bike or by a horse drawn taxi.I really liked  Mackinac island and every where else I went .I had a great summer vacation.



I love to swim! I swim all year round .I like swimming for fun ,and I like swimming on a team .Swim team is so much fun , you  have practices and meets ,it is awesome!A swim meet is when you swim against other people .My swim team has a theme for every meet . If the theme is pirates then you can wear pirate stuff over your swim suit .Another fun thing about swim team is that you get big buddies and little buddies ,  big buddies usually get their little buddies a present. Little buddies get their big buddies a little something at the end of the  year.Both buddies cheer each other on .Everything about swim team is incredible ,but the best part is being with your friends and having fun.IMG_0701

Taylor swift

Taylor Swift  is a famous singer .  She writes her song about things that really happen to her. The songs that she writes really inspire me to dance and move.Wildest dreams is my personal favorite .What is yours ?There are many  different singers  in the world ,but in my opinion Taylor Swift is one of the best.